York’s Wild Kingdom: Wordless Wednesday

15 responses to “York’s Wild Kingdom: Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the last one of him sitting on that rock. So, so, cute. I love it.

  2. Tater has that same t-shirt…

    I like the last picture too!

  3. The last pic of him on the rock is just terrific!

    • Thanks! When my boy’s all done. He is all done. His father told him to sit on the rock and be miserable until everyone was ready to go. He did so admirably!

  4. Next time you go, let us know, we could have a playdate!

    • I think the next time will sadly be many years from now. He hated all the zoo animals. All he wanted to do was pet the goats and feed the ducks. We can do that for far cheaper right up the street.

      As for playdates, I will get to Maine this summer. I will!

  5. I cant help laughing at the last pic. He looked overwhelmed !

  6. We just went there in August!
    LOVED it. Why do goats have rectangle eyes?

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