Felix Discovers Photo Booth

Wicked dramatic? No?

7 responses to “Felix Discovers Photo Booth

  1. Ah – it took me a second to figure out your all fancy w/your working computer that has all fancy photo elements. At first I was like, um, do photo booths now have weird pixelation things going on? I’m a little slow.

    • Megan, you’re great. Not slow at all. I am a MacWhore and thus assume everyone understands about sweet features like Photo Booth, which uses the built in camera in the screen housing to take “photo booth” shots, but has all these fancy elements, too.

    • I’m thinking maybe for next Saturday doing your 2nd Look Saturday. I recycled two posts this week, and it was fun to comb through the backlog a little! Can’t wait to grab that button and enter my post into Mr. Linky!

  2. Totally wicked.

    Hey, I’ve got something for you if you want it. Come over and get it when you get a chance.

    Love ya!

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