Gut Full of Raving Butterflies

Twenty four hours from now I’ll be at my new job.

I haven’t been at a new job since January of 2005. While I’m not, in essence, a worrier, I do get nearly debilitating nausea in anticipation of situations I can’t control. Right now, I’m typing, but my fingers are this close to being shaky, and I’m skipping from thought to thought, between fretting at chores that aren’t done to what Felix and will need to bring to work, to what outfit would best suit the first day. Oh, and what’s the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?

Is that weird?

So, I have laundry to fold, lunches to pack, the compost to take out, dishes to do, closets and drawers than need tidying, but before I sat down to this post, I was organizing some pictures from college. I’ll be going back to that project periodically throughout the day.

Can you say, “steeping myself in warm, fuzzy nostalgia, so as to avoid having the gut full of raving butterflies I’ve recently acquired spill up my gullet to freedom?”

Ah, yes. Procrastination. Avoidance.

A friend asked two nights ago whether I was ready for Monday. I replied, “Not remotely.”

She said, “Perfect! You’ll be great.”

That’s usually how I operate. I hold my stress butterflies quietly in my belly, go about my business looking a little green, confess my nauseated misery to Mark after we’ve turned out the lights at night, and keep calm and carry on, right into the fray. I’m good under pressure.

So, tomorrow morning, I will pack Felix’s Beek, our lunches, changes of clothes, and some other stuff, and head out to spend my first day with the Concords. It’s very likely it will be funny and frustrating day.

And once I get a paycheck used to the idea that I’m not a Stay at Home anymore, I think it will be nice to be back into a working routine again.

And a baby! A new baby to smell and snuggle. And not have to get up in the night to feed. I do love this line of work.

header 150x150This post is participating in a new word game, blog hoppy thing, Word Up, Yo! hosted by KLZ of Taming Insanity, and some blogger friends of hers. Since I like words and stuff, you may see this button  from time to time. Feel free to check out some of the other posts. I’m looking forward to it, myself.


24 responses to “Gut Full of Raving Butterflies

  1. Well done! And you are our first EVER participant! I’m sure this day will go down in history…

    • I was halfway though the writing of this, and the word called to me and said, “I belong here.”

      Can’t argue with a word like that, can you?

  2. you will be great! have a good day! and what wise friends you have.

  3. fabulous job!! great post and the word fit so smoothly! thanks for jumping on board!

    • Thanks! The word begged to be used. The post was half written when I read Taming Insanity and discovered the prompt. I’m kind of a word junkie, so it should be fun to play along!

  4. Great use of the WOW! What a perfect fit for your post! My gullet (haha) is full of anxiety trying to decide what to write! 🙂

  5. I love it when words say “I go here.”

    And I can completely relate to midnight confessions of nerves to the hubs. Something about the dark I think. You’ll do great!

    • Thanks. I’ve worked myself into a full blown interior snit. Mark has friends over right now, and they have NO IDEA I’m a dribbling mess.

  6. Woo Hoo! The word fit in so perfectly and smoothly! Now I have to try to do the same!

    Thanks for playing along and I can’t wait to see how you work some of the others words in 😉

    • Thank you, Natalie, for the comment love. I was just over at your blog. Fun! I’ll be back, for sure!

      And I’m excited for WOW! Sundays!

  7. Good luck tomorrow! (well, technically today). Great use of WOW. I had finished my post and saved it. Read the WOW post and it was like eureka! That’s what was missing from my post. I still need to actually post it. Will do one last proofread.

  8. Visiting via Word up, YOY! link! I used a different definition of the word. This is fun! Good luck with your new job… always a test on the nerves.

  9. How did your first day go??? I hope you had fun and that Felix did too. Envying you the baby snuggles!!! samm

  10. I hope it went well! I’m a little jealous of those baby snuggles! And without night duty? Lucky you!

  11. I’m visiting for the WOW. Great usage! I hope your first day went well and the butterflies are gone!

  12. Found you on “”. Nice post! Best of luck with this new job 😉

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