The Family Room: Five Year Evolution

Inspired by the awesomeness over at Orion Victorian, I’m going to show you all the most recent update to the house. This project actually happened over five weeks in October and early November of last year, just in time for Felix’s birthday.

This is what it looked liked when we first looked at it. It was far more turquoise in real life. ::shudder::

Here it is, poorly lit, with all the furniture heaped in the middle, after I repainted, which was the first thing *I* tackled in the house. By this time, Mark had already gutted the adjacent dining room, and rebuilt the floor joists.

This is what it looked like for most of the interim. Mark put in new laminate flooring, and we covered the icky brown vinyl windows with reed shades. We occasionally “stage” the room with “friends.” It makes our claims of a social life seem plausible.

Flash forward four and a half years, and it’s empty again, stripped of window trim, and awaiting its fate.

Exterior shot. Look, Ma, no insulation under the siding!

And the walls come down…

One new wall up, one old wall down.

Windows in, trimmed, and drywalled.

Present day, renovated and checked off the list!

I’m thinking about doing a five year retrospective in April when we celebrate the anniversary of the closing. What do you think?

3 responses to “The Family Room: Five Year Evolution

  1. fantastic! the two of you will fit in nicely in my commune.
    nobody around here has any of those skills.

  2. WOW. Yeah, his cranky ass is hired. Does he mind if I assist?

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