Gallery of Finished Objects

I’ve finally hit some kind of stride with my various knitting projects. The whole having a baby thing distracted me right in the middle of a long, and probably over ambitious, list of WIPs. I was bogged down, and the projects loomed over me, casting a pall over my knitting. And who wants a pall over the very hobby that quiets your mind, busies your hands, and fuels your creativity?

So, I chucked them all for a few days, knit up a scarf in a yummy yarn I’d been dying to play with for a friend’s birthday, and kick started the rest of my finishing projects. And voila! suddenly things started coming together:

Fibby’s Birthday/Graduation/You’re the coolest Scarfy GoodnessDashing Fingerless Gloves
Malabrigo Baby Hat for Ayden
Dishcloth Cotton Bib for Elias
Jamie’s Christmas Scarf – Yay, Christmas in June!
Dishcloth Mitered Square for Learning Purposes

Now I’m getting back to some long awaiting WIPs, most of which will reveal themselves in good time.

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