My littlest ghoulie here at work tried on his Hedwig (the snowy owl, not the cross-dressing rocker) costume last night, and charmed everyone on the neighborhood. This, while I was scooping and carving the kids’ Jack-O-Lanterns. They started out enthusiastically enough, but somehow, in the end, I am the one who finished cleaning them out, and carving two out of three. Some days I really feel like I earn my paycheck!

So, apparently, despite my efforts to explain to the contrary, people felt that I didn’t love the Red Sox, simply because I don’t love the idea of an expensive, dirty, chaotic rolling rally for them when they win the Series. Au contraire, and my kids are not destined to be Yankees fans, for the simple fact that I’m not a huge fan of New York City itself, never mind Steinbrenner’s Evil, obnoxious, cocky baseball franchise. And chances are, I will bitch equally loudly if there is another victory rally in Boston, come the beginning of February. But I’m not looking that far ahead in the football season, because to do that would be toxic for the Pats rather impressive streak thus far, and I don’t want that kind of responsibility.

In knitting news, I’ve finished a few projects, including another Christmas gift, the Clapotis, and a stuffed Bear for my friend’s baby shower, which I hope to attend this Saturday, barring a trip to the hospital myself that day.


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