Still Life With Mitten

No, this is not a torture device. Neither is it an alien. Both have been suggested to me… It’s a mitten! A mitten, a ball of Malabrigo Worsted in Alpine Pearl, 5 US#7 dpns, 2 stitch holders, my iBook and a glass of Diet Coke. It’s what I’m calling my “training mitten.” When I figure out how it all goes together, I’m going to write my own recipe, hopefully to accompany the recipe for the hat I made in Cleveland. I’m using a pattern right now, but it’s not a very good pattern – poorly written, explained, etc. SO, I figure I’ll try it, correct it, tweak it for my own purposes, and voila! I should have my own mittens!


O’s exhausted and cranky, E’s at the dentist, and I won’t see Big Brother J until supper time due to an afternoon playdate with one of his horrible friends. Back to the C25K program on Thursday. A bit delayed, but I’m going to stick to it!

Back to the cranky baby, who fell asleep, but woke up five minutes later and is weeping piteously in his crib. Off to try more walking and rocking…

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Will!


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